The new vegan kitchen at Melitón


Vegan starters


Homemade chickpeas balls with yogurt and mint sauce

8,90 €


Homemade avocado croquets with grated tomato

8,90 €


Marinated avocado tartar on garlic bread with arugula and oven-dried tomatoes

12,90 €


Whole mushrooms baked in beer batter with tartar sauce and salad buque

10,90 €


Tomato carpaccio with capers, red onion, green hot peppers, olive oil and a hind of vinigar „Jerez“

8,50 €





Vegan main courses


Cheeseburger with ecologic spelt bread with sesame, salad, tomato, candied onion, pickle with mustard, curry sauce and cranberries jam, served with „patatas bravas“

15,90 €


Tagliarini rice noodles Asia style with vegetables, young garlic, sesame, crispy onion, peanuts sauce and a hint of bittersweet



Homemade Melitón Pizza with cheese, vegetables, caramelized red onions and pineapple

13,90 €


Moroccan couscous with pumpkin, zucchini, carrot, potato, cheekpeas with spicy and sweet sauce on the side

14,90 €



Baked sweet potato filled with guacamole and cheese cream with onions, garlic and red pepper

12,90 €