The new vegan kitchen at Melitón


Vegan starters


Cold cucumber, avocado and zucchini soup with mint, croutons and olive oil

6,90 €


Tomato and avocado bruschetta with basil on top of ecologic rye bread with chia and quinoa seeds, garlic oil

and Pedro Ximenez reduction

10,90 €


Beet root and baked onion from the wood oven tartar with crunchy brocoli cracker and avocado mustard

8,90 €


Fried vegetable balls of quinoa, carrot and onion with tomato

7,50 €


Homemade croquets of vegetables with romesco sauce

7,90 €



Vegan main courses


Homemade lentils burguer with homemade bread from the wood oven, salad, tomato, red onion, baked aubergine and „patatas bravas“ with spicy mango sauce and apple alioli

13,90 €

Barley risotto with beetroot, green asparagus and homemade apple „alioli“ garlic sauce

11,90 €


Veggie sausages with french fries and homemade curry-ketchup served with marinated tomato and onion salad

12,90 €


Spaghetti with young garlic, air dried tomato, olive oil and a hint of chili

11,50 €


Homemade spring rolls stuffed with cabbage and vegetables with tomato chili marmelade

11,50 €


Wheat tortilla filled with fried vegetables with spicy jalapenos, tomato sauce and patatas bravas

12,50 €