The new vegan kitchen at Melitón


Vegan starters


Gazpacho Andaluz -Cold vegetables soup with vegetables cubes, olive oil and garlic bread

6,90 €


Homemade chickpeas balls with coconut yogurt and mint sauce

8,90 €


Homemade avocado croquets with grated tomato

8,90 €


Beetroot, avocado and mango tartar with lamb´s letucce, raisins, crunchy nuts and sesame roll  served with wild fruits cream and rice vinegar gel

10,50 €


Sauted vegetables with balsamic cream, arugula, marinated tofu and roasted cashews

8,50 €





Vegan main courses


Cheeseburger with ecologic spelt bread with sesame, salad, tomato, candied onion, pickle with mustard, curry sauce and cranberries jam, served with „patatas bravas “

15,90 €


Bowl with salad, marinated quinoa, sauteed vegetables, marinated tofu, tomato confit, pesto sauce,  avocado, beetroot and nuts

15,50 €


Tagliatelle with young garlic, air dried tomato, olive oil and a hint of chili

12,50 €


Wheat tortilla filled with fried vegetables with spicy jalapeños, tomato sauce and patatas bravas

13,50 €