Breakfast Menu


Chefs suggestions


Gran continental breakfast                                                     9,90€

2 bread rolls, iberian ham, manchego cheese, grated tomato, 1 boiled egg, butter, homemade jam, yoghurt with crispy muesli with nuts, homemade compote and honey, 1 freshly squeezed orange juice


Low carb breakfast                                                             8,90€

Organic whole wheat 100 rye bread with scrambled eggs, grated tomato, smoked salmon strips, chives, sea salt and black pepper


Vegan breakfast (gluten free option available)                    7,40€

Oatmeal and banana smoothie bowl with honey, vanilla, chopped almonds, raisins, mango and strawberry


Eco breakfast                                                                       7,70€

Ecologic and handmade 100 spelt flour bread with chia and quinoa, avocado, fresh tomato, arugula, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper


Light breakfast                                                                      4,90€

Griek yoghurt, crunchy musli with dried nuts, almond,

mango and honey



Toasts & Bread rolls


Toast or bread roll with:

Olive oil 1,90€

Butter and jam 2,10€

Grated tomato 2,00€

Edam cheese 2,50€

Ham 2,50€

Edam cheese and ham 2,70€

Manchego cheese 3,00€

Iberian ham 3,80€

Manchego cheese and iberian ham 3,80€

Smoked salmon and philadelphia cheese 4,20

Nutella 2,70€



Egg dishes


2 fried eggs 3,10€

with bacon 5,20€


2 eggs in french omelette 3,90€

with edam cheese 4,70€

with ham 4,70€

with edam cheese and ham 4,70€

with bacon 6,00€


3 scrambled eggs 4,50€

with edam cheese 5,10€

with ham 5,10€

with edam cheese and ham 5,10€

with iberian ham 7,10€

with bacon 6,60€





Natural 2,40€

Butter and jam 2,90€

Edam cheese 2,90€

Ham 2,90€

Edam cheese and ham 2,90€

Nutella 2,90€





Ham, edam cheese, lettuce and grated tomato 3,90€





Natural 6,90€

Nutella 6,90€

Maple syrup 6,90€

Homemade jam 6,90€